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Order by 2pm Mon-Thur, 12pm Friday for next Working Day delivery. Excludes Weekends and Bank Holidays.
Order by 2pm Mon-Thur, 12pm Friday for next Working Day delivery. Excludes Weekends and Bank Holidays.

The OptiLift Ladder Loading System

The OptiLift ladder loading system is the result of 18 months of research and development, delivering a unique side loading system with convenient one sided access and exceptionally low operating loads.

Key Features

With OptiLift, the intent was to surpass expectations and create a system with optimum functionality and ease of use. In creating the Optilift, the design required a number of key innovations to deliver the performance and reliability our customers demand.

Easy Side Loading

The OptiLift presents ladders to the side of the vehicle, at an easy to access and safe operating height. Kerb side loading keeps operators away from the road and means loads are always accessible in urban environments.
The system is capable of carrying loads of up to 50kg, whilst being easy to operate in all conditions.

Unique Patented Gear Drive

The patented gear drive mechanism is central to the design and provides optimum performance regardless of the loaded weight, making light work of any load.
A two way ratchet within the mechanism offers maximum control whether stowing or deploying the system.

Flexible Platform

The OptiLift boasts the largest effective load area of any side loading system, with a T-Track slotted base allowing for easy positioning of loads into their optimum position. Additional attachments cater for storing a variety of different loads and our design team can create a secure system built specifically around your needs.
Additional static load capacity for pipe carriers makes full use of the load platform.

Safe and Secure

A fully damped mechanism delivers a smooth and controlled movement, elegantly deploying and stowing loads, with the integrated ratchet mechanism safely lifting and securing the rack in position in transit.
Crash absorption features within the rack ensure loads remain secure in the event of a collision or sudden impact, whilst anti theft features provide added security for the load being carried.

Ease of Use

The OptiLift was designed around the needs of vehicle operators, looking for a safe and efficient way of lifting loads onto the roof of commercial vehicles. No compromises have been made in the ease and speed of using the system, ensuring the OptiLift is the prefered solution for fleet and van operators alike.
As a Health and Safety orientated product, every effort has been made to optimise the system beyond just keeping operator's feet on the ground. Usage loads have been limited and optimised for speed of deployment, making the system not only safer, but quicker to use than conventional loading techniques.

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